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Our Ingredients

At SoCo we take pride in our top quality ingredients. Searching near and far to source the worlds greatest ingredients to put into our ultra premium, superior ice cream. When we cant find the perfect ingredient, we make it ourselves (like those delicious marshmallows -->).


Our base mix comes from Kingdom Creamery, a 4th generation Vermont family farm in East Hardwick. We know exactly where our milk is coming from! Kingdom Creamery has about 900 cows that provide the delicious dairy for all of our ice cream.

SoCo's vanilla ice cream contributes to the 1% of vanilla products in the world that include real vanilla beans. We shun the cheaper artificial vanilla which are almost entirely derived from petrochemicals, in favor of all-natural vanilla. Our Vanilla comes from Madagascar, where 80% of all the vanilla sold in the world comes from. 


Our blueberries come from our friends Russ and Melissa Beatty's Charlotte Berry farm in Charlotte, Vermont. A lovely pick-your-own farm nestled in the Vermont hills, the farm grows fruits and berries for neighbors, friends and now you. Rich in antioxidants and flavor, the blueberries give this ice cream its color and tartness. 

We source our Alphonso Mangos from India, there, unlike the Mexican Mango the mango ripens on all sides, not just on one. This makes the mangos a rich dark orange color with a strong, sweet, and juicy flavors. The Alphonso Mango is nicknamed the king of Mangos, and is featured in our Alphonso Mango Sorbet.

Marsmallows (1 of 1).jpg

Grey Raven Farm up the road in Lanesboro, MA provides us with wildflower honey that adds a distinctive depth of flavor and sweetness.  Bee hives on this family farm make the raw honey for you to enjoy.


Our all-natural peanut butter comes from the red earth of Georgia where more than 2 billion pounds of peanuts are harvested every year. Did you know: Peanuts are not actually nuts. They are plucked from the root of a plant and are a legume, sometimes called ground nuts. There are no unpronounceable preservatives in our peanut butter, just roasted peanuts, sugar, peanut oil and salt.

To make our famous fudge ripple we look all the way to Switzerland!

We source all of our cocoa from the leading global cocoa provider Barry Callebaut. We blend the melted chocolate liquor discs with sugar and water into a smooth, rich ripple that is interwoven in to our rich and creamery ice creams.

Our certified organic and Kosher chocolate sandwich cookies with vanilla cream come from the kitchen of Cookie Kingdom in Illinois, one of the country's most respected commercial bakers. The all-organic cookies are made from wheat flour, powdered sugar, sunflower oil, sugar, cocoa, salt, baking soda and vanilla.

No matter what your flavor is, when you get it from SoCo you know that we have taken no shortcuts to get you the best ice cream the world has to offer!

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